Card issuer declines arising from incorrect card information (e.g., incorrect card number or expiration date) are best handled by guiding your customer to correct the error or even using another card or payment method during the checkout process. 

Card issuers’ suspicions of fraudulent activity are more challenging to manage, but having customers provide the CVC and postal code when checking out can significantly decrease the number of declines you’re experiencing. Using a CVC is only strictly necessary if your account is based in a European country, but it is still highly recommended. The influence of other data that you collect, like the full address, varies by card brand and country. If you are still experiencing a higher-than-expected number of declined payments, consider collecting this additional data.

A token must be used within a few minutes of its creation as CVC information is only available for a short amount of time. Tokens themselves do not expire, but using them after a delay can result in a charge request that is performed without CVC information. The consequences of this can be higher decline rates and increased risk of fraud.